Ambition 2027

Our vision and mission

We are clear on what we do as an organisation, how we do it, and where we are heading.

Our corporate plan will help us navigate the journey towards achieving our vision.

Our vision

To be valued globally for tackling the real-world issues of today to deliver a sustainable future.

Our mission

We work in partnership with business, academia, governments and other organisations to develop and deliver applied research and innovative education in science, technology, engineering and management.

Our values

Our values help to define who we are, guide the way we behave and shape our decisions.


We aim high. We do all we can to achieve excellence.


We change people's lives. We make the world a better place.


We value everyone's expertise. We support each other.


We build and cherish our Cranfield community. We embrace diversity.

Cranfield changes lives and this corporate plan will guide us and help us embrace challenges, innovate with ambition and create new opportunities as we focus on achieving our vision.

Iain Ferguson CBE, Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Council

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